VocalEyes Model & Process for Active Citizenship

Core Benefits for Colleges & Universities adopting the VocalEyes Model:

    • adopting the VocalEyes process with students, staff and other stakeholder groups
    • engaging in a meaningful dialogue with staff & students
    • actioning the best ideas emerging from this dialogue
    • encouraging other organisations to transform their stakeholder engagement by adopting VocalEyes
    • supplying training and ongoing support services to organisations adopting VocalEyes
    • delivering a wide variety of qualifications relevant to public engagement and the implementation of VocalEyes within geographic communities and organisations
    • delivering new services as a result of public consultation
  • INCREASED RETENTION due to the increase in meaningful placements available supporting organisation in their implementation of VocalEyes
  • REDUCING COSTS by implementing ideas suggested to make the organisation more efficient
  • INCREASE RESULTS by running VocalEyes all year in preparation for mandatory surveys such as the Ipsos MORI poll