The aim of Herefordshire Infrastructure Transformation (HIT) is to deliver more efficient, cost effective and sustainable local support services that meet the current and future needs of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across Herefordshire.

The 3 main outcomes of the project are:

  1. Rationalised services provided by a single countywide support organisation (coterminous with the Local Authority and NHS) resulting in sustainable and highly valued support services provision for civil society organisations and their beneficiaries, alongside new mechanisms for voice, leadership and scrutiny of all support services for CSOs.
  2. A full range of support suppliers (with a broad base of skills, resources, knowledge, expertise) involved in co-production and delivery of high quality, accessible and affordable services meeting the future needs of CSOs including formal contracting, framework agreements, self regulation, integration and scrutiny of local provision.
  3. Infrastructure organisations, including volunteering infrastructure, are less dependent on state funding as a result of local innovation and income generation resulting in a learning sector that remains strong, independent and confident with more self sufficient and self organising CSOs

As we see it, there are two overarching objectives to the role of VocalEyes in the TLIF project :

  1. To contribute wherever relevant towards the transformative elements across all three Outcomes;
  2. To instigate an expanding self-sustaining network of CSOs which are fully committed in practice to transformative values such as learning, self-organisation, co-production and resilience-building.