Staff or Customer Voice creates opportunities for businesses to transform their relationship with those people connected with the enterprise. The service enables businesses to tap into the wealth of knowledge surrounding their enterprise ultimately teasing out ideas to reduce costs, improve products or services and ultimately increase profits.

Staff or Customers are able  to suggest ideas to improve the business and for these ideas to be debated and rated by the wider staff or customer community. This produces prioritised lists of ideas under any number of different topics concerning the business that can then be progressed through to action when appropriate.

Where neccessary, ideas can be turned into proposals asking staff or customers for commitment to enable specific ideas to be initiated. Once the required targets of participation or resources are identified, the new product or service can confidently move forward and the actions are logged on the system as they materialise.

An Example from the Private Sector – Sainsburys:

This short clip from the private sector highlights the importance of consulting and engaging with all staff : to ensure the business stays up to date with customer requirements and feedback, and so that staff feel valued and motivated towards performance improvement.