Learner Voice creates opportunities for students to turn ideas into action. It does this by enabling learners to suggest ideas to improve their school, college or university and for these ideas to be debated and rated by the wider student community. This produces prioritised lists of ideas under any number of different topics concerning the educational establishment.

Learner Voice Process, VocalEyes

The data generated is then assessed and analysed by the Student Union / Parliament / Council and a list of recommendations, to progress the best ideas into action, are presented to the senior management teams. Actions, outcomes & learning points are logged on the system as they happen ensuring the progression and consideration of all ideas can be monitored easily by everyone.

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The impact: increased student participation, retention and achievement. The college also has a better understanding of learner perspectives.

The college is now implementing a web-based system to capture learners’ views which will act as a pilot for the whole further education sector.
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Next Steps

Before installing VocalEyes into an organisation, we need to perform a Needs Analysis to ensure we understand the community that is to be engaged and the desired outcomes. If you would like to press ahead and start this process, click here. Otherwise we’ll go through this with you when we contact you.

Learner Voice Leaflet

Association of Colleges conference 2012, Pembrokeshire College, VocalEyes Association of Colleges conference 2012, Pembrokeshire College, VocalEyes
 Learner Voice leaflet, AoC conf 2012 – Front  Learner Voice leaflet, AoC conf 2012 – Back

Sample Publicity Materials

Learner Voice can also be promoted in newsletters & posters, using QR codes where appropriate, which acts as a powerful means of raising awareness and engagement.

Below are examples of publicity materials that are used to promote Learner Voice at Pembrokeshire College :

Learner Voice newsletter mockup
Learner Voice newsletter mockup


Learner Voice, Pembrokeshire College, turing Ideas into Action. VocalEyes