Community Voice creates opportunities for residents to turn ideas into action.  It does this by enabling local people to suggest ideas to improve their community and for these ideas to be debated and rated by the wider community. This produces prioritised lists of ideas under any number of different topics concerning local people.

Popular ideas are then turned into project proposals with the necessary targets required to initiate the project (i.e. £10,000, 50 customers & 10 volunteers to initiate a community owned cooperative bakery). The projects  are crowd-sourced by asking local people to commit to these requirements. Once the targets of funding or resources are identified within the community, the project can confidently move forward and the actions are logged on the system as they materialise.

The “big data” generated by Community Voice will be promoted by a mix of traditional local media to include local publications which will act as a powerful means of raising awareness and engagement.


Accompanying documents for download:

  1. Community Voice – Overview
  2. Community Voice Mockup
  3. VocalEyes Brochure  – Front 300dpi
  4. VocalEyes Brochure – Back 300dpi
  5. The_Havens_community
  6. Broad Haven Primary School
  7. The Havens Diary-January2008 – print page 4