VocalEyes is an innovative new civic engagement tool enabling student participation in decision making processes. This project compliments the “Listen to Learners” remit and existing school councils.

“We are using VocalEyes, to teach our children about democratic processes in a very
practical, powerful and local way. This is proving very popular with the pupils and
enlightening for the staff and parents.”

26 ideas were suggested by 45 students within years 4, 5 & 6. Ideas such as teaching farming, a pond for the school and new books were suggested by the students. The following action points have materialised in this Primary School as a result of the VocalEyes consultation tool being used.

  • £200 has been allocated to spend on new books
  • 10 new laptop were purchased
  • Goal nets are being considered

“VocalEyes has been included within the curriculum at our school to help teach our pupils
how to act locally and sustainably. We are 100% committed to the project.”

Head Master

View the report from this case study here