VocalEyes Coordinator


VocalEyes Coordinators will be expected to assist in all aspects relating to the management of the VocalEyes system and promotion of the VocalEyes process to the relevant stakeholder communities.

Summary of Duties & Responsibilities

  • Data administration
    • Administer content
    • Create proposals for consideration by decision makers
    • Log all actions & outcomes
  • Community engagement & training
    • Training new users
    • Further engage existing users
  • PR & Marketing
    • Promote the engagement via other traditional forms of media such as fliers, posters, newsletter etc.
  • Social media & web development
    • Integrate and promote the engagement strategies with a variety of web services including: existing websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, digital newsletters etc.
  • Account management & team working
    • Monitor the engagement strategies for each SME and task manage the VocalEyes Coordinators accordingly
    • Assist the delivery the VocalEyes Coordinator training programme
    • Review customer engagement strategies are being implemented successfully
  • Customer service & support
    • Communicate with customers with updates & advice
    • Respond to customer support requests
    • Assist customers practically needs are identified


More Detail

The VocalEyes Coordinator will be expect to assist with:

  • Data Administration : Be proficient in data management/analysis/presentation – to be able to keep the data in order and manageable on VocalEyes e.g. the removal of duplicate ideas, inappropriate comments etc. Makes for a better experience for the user. Topics and ideas to be archived as appropriate with thorough housekeeping to be carried out.
  • Reporting : The data needs to be extracted from VocalEyes for proposals to be sent to decision maker strategy meetings.  Data to be presented in visually striking but simple manner for posters and other promotional material.
  • Technical Support : login/widget issues, available to assist with operational issues should a user have difficulty navigating/using the site.
  • Setup : The creation of each stakeholder groups which would allow for focused debate and consultation – expanding this for the creation of groups for community stakeholders etc
  • Implementation of Agenda : staggered topics & ideas throughout the year to keep stakeholders engaged with the VocalEyes process and to maintain momentum
  • Training : The development of an interactive training module accessed via VocalEyes which visually displays the functions of the site to the user
  • Implementation : The creation of a thorough implementation package – materials designed to help organisations to establish VocalEyes, step by step plans for implementation & engagement and a complete set of training documentation
  • Tutorials : The creation of tutorial videos which users can access on YouTube, Vimeo etc
  • PR & Marketing : The creation of promotional/feedback materials to be displayed around relevant buildings –  plasma screens, newsletters (News in Pictures), intranet, posters (e.g. You Said, We Did) etc.