VocalEyes CoordinatorVocalEyes enables organisations to tap into the wealth of knowledge and wisdom within their stakeholder communities. Never-the-less to realise this immense added value as a result of meaningful engagement, there are various challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the process is successful. They largely revolve around a need for capacity to:

  • TRAIN stakeholders how to use the system
  • ENGAGE stakeholders in the process
  • ADMINISTRATE content
  • COMMUNICATE the Big Data being generated by the stakeholder groups to and obtain feedback from decision making teams
  • PROMOTE the actions & outcomes back to the stakeholder groups and to the wider community via traditional and social media

To address this lack of capacity we have begun the VocalEyes Coordinator training program. This new course brings together the best of digital and face to face engagement processes and delivers the skills required to implement a truly authentic consultative and participative process within any organisation or geographic community.

When VocalEyes is implemented successfully, a great deal of value is generated. It is this value that makes the VocalEyes Coordinator training programme a course that can lead to economic activity and employment.

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