Pembrokeshire College recognised the potential of VocalEyes to transform their student engagement strategy, called Learner Voice, very early on and have been piloting the process since June 2011.

Pembrokeshire College, VocalEyes, Learner VoiceSince then VocalEyes has been completely rebuilt on the Twitter framework and in May/June 2012 we experienced our most successful engagement to date with over 5000 interactions  in the form of ideas being suggested, rated and commented on.

VocalEyes is being presented to the students as part of the existing Learner Voice initiative that is already used extensively by numerous schools and colleges throughout the country. The college are monitored each year by Estyn, the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted, regarding their student engagement and were pleased to see students easily took to interaction with VocalEyes.

Engagement Strategies

  • Initially students connected to VocalEyes through a Learner Voice widget on the homepage of their intranet (see screenshot below). The widget shows personalised alerts to each individual student informing them of how many new ideas there are to rate since they last logged in.
  • In September 2012, VocalEyes as Learner Voice will be integrated into the induction process for all new students. This will dramatically increase the level of engagement with the system.
  • Group voting engagement sessions will be held in the Atrium at the college, a large open space that sits between the main entrance and the cafeteria. Laptops, iPad and SmartPhones will be made available and used to engage students in the rating and voting processes with results being displayed in real time on a big screen.
  • To accompany this numerous posters and displays are being made with the title “You said, We did!”. These will be promoting the popular ideas suggested by stundents that have been transformed into action, reinforcing the empowering nature of the process.

We are very pleased with VocalEyes – as the work environment gets busier and busier, finding opportunity to consult with staff and students becomes increasingly difficult. VocalEyes is the ideal product to facilitate and enhance the College’s ability to effective consult with stakeholder groups.

Geoff Elliot, Director of Director Marketing and Development

Pembrokeshire College, Learner Voice, Intranet, VocalEyes
Screenshot of Learner Voice widget on Pembrokeshire College's intranet