You are just a few short steps from engaging in this group, depending on how familiar you are with keyboard & internet.  You will need an email address – if you do not have one please contact us as below for guidance.

Register with VocalEyes..

  2. Register : Click “REGISTER” in the top right corner and fill out the registration form,
    NB : make a careful note of your username and password (case-sensitive) somewhere you can find easily them again! Once the form is complete, click the green ‘REGISTER NOW’ button at the bottom of the form.  You will see a message thanking you for registering and telling you a confirmation email has been sent.
  3. Check your email and Activate your account : Within minutes (depending on your email system) you should receive an email with the words ‘ACTIVATION LINK’.  Click on the link to activate you account.
  4. Login : Click “LOGIN” in the top right corner and enter your username & password. You should now be logged in and on your “Dashboard” page. From here you find any VocalEyes group which you are “following”, a “member” or an “administrator”.

Join the Kinnersley & District Group Plan group..

  1. Search for the group : Click ‘SEARCH’ at the top of the page. In the “FIND A GROUP” box, type ‘Kinnersley’. In the search results, click on the group. You are now on the “Engage” page for this group
  2. Apply to become a member of the group :  Click ‘JOIN NOW’ and this changes to ‘request for membership has been received’.
    NB : The committee has made this a private group – when the group administrator  approves your request you will receive an email and can then visit the group and contribute. Until then, please either use the log out in the black bar next to your username, or click on ‘Dashboard’ and continue to browse elsewhere on VocalEyes.
  3. Engage with the group : You will receive a confirmation email once your application for membership has been approved. Click on the link in the email and engage in the group by rating & commenting on existing ideas and even suggesting your own!
    NB: If you are unsure of what to do, simply click on the BIG RED BUTTONS 

That’s it. Done! We hope you will take the time to contribute to the Kinnersley & District Group Plan.

For further help or enquiries please contact : electronic hi_big_e_min_blue

Nick Sherwood – Co-ordinator, Self-Sustaining Network

t. 07957 348885   e.   w.