Reaching out to the wider community
VocalEyes can be promoted to the local residents:
~ Through events at local venues. Ideally these venues will already be equipped with computers, such as in schools and local IT facilities.
~ Though local media, newsletters and newspapers.

Jump to Content
LocalEyes has a “Jump To Content” ID code facility that can be promoted with any promotional materials. This JTC code (i.e. GroupID:23543 or ThemeID:653) enables people to jump directly to specific content within LocalEyes


How It Could Work For You?

    • VocalEyes  Training; Identify one or more individuals to become “VocalEyes Coordinators” who will undergo training in the VocalEyes software. Call Peter on 07971 219 848 or email us to arrange a time and date for your training.
    • Register; Register yourself and your group on VocalEyes
    • Focus Group; Identify or create a focus group within your group/business/community
    • First Meeting; Hold a meeting with your focus group
      ~ Ideally… with a laptop and internet connection
      ~ Even better… with a projector and big screen
    • Identify Themes; In your meeting, identify the initial themes for your consultations and enter them onto your group as they are agreed upon
    • Suggest Ideas: Suggest some ideas within the themes to “kick start” the consultation
    • Enter Your Comments; Submit some comments (for, against, neutral) in text, image or video format, on some of the ideas suggested
      ~ Ideally… try and bring a simple video camera that can upload to YouTube and enter your views in video format. (These can be uploaded and entered in after the meeting)
    • Rate Ideas: Rate the ideas within the themes
    • Engagement Strategy; Identify the stages your marketing strategy to engage people in your consultation. For example:
      ~ Focus group to kick start the process
      ~ Email members – call for ideas under themes
      ~ Press release
      ~ Hold public event
      ~ Email members again with link to voting proposal and reminder of closing date
      ~ Close the consultation
      ~ Publish results
      ~ Announce action points in newsletter
    • Emailing Members; Include your detail of the consultation, the VocalEyes web address and the “Jump to Content” ID for the consultation.
    • Press Release; Again, make sure this include your “Jump To Content” ID code so that people can access the consultation within VocalEyes quickly
    • Public events; These could be held in any social space with a reasonable internet connection
      ~ You will need a minimum of 1 projector and 1 laptop and a good internet connection
      ~ You could split the group up into tables and each table could suggest ideas under different themes
      ~ If possible, have additional laptops on each table
      ~ If possible set up a video camera in a room nearby so people can record their views in video format
      ~ NOTE: once the appropriate funding is secured (approx 15k) voting via mobile phones will be integrated into this process with social spaces
    • Close “Rating Ideas” Consultation; Once you have completed your consultation extracting, rating and debating ideas under themes, close this consultation and regroup with the focus group to create voting proposals
    • Voting Proposal; With the focus group, create voting proposals based on the highest rated and most popular ideas. Voting proposals demand a higher level of detail or commitment from the people being consulted, on which action points can be based.
    • Promote the Vote; Using your marketing strategy, promote the voting proposals created
    • Close “Voting” Consultation; Close the voting proposal and publish the results
    • Action Points; Regroup again with the focus groups and decide how the results of you consultation will be used to stimulate action


      Public Event – Schedule

      People you’ll need;
      ~ Facilitator
      ~ IT coordinator / note taker

      Items you’ll need;
      ~ Wireless internet connection or mobile internet dongle
      ~ Laptop (at least 1, you could have 1 on each table if wireless is available)
      ~ Projector
      ~ Clipboards
      ~ Paper
      ~ Pens


      • Stage 1 – “Set the Scene”
      • Stage 2 – “Discussion Review”
        ~ Go over the existing themes, ideas, views, priorities etc.
      • Stage 3 – “Call for Themes”
        ~ What themes should we focus in Haverfordwest or Pembrokeshire?
        ~ Note themes onto the Voice as they are suggested
        ~ Review and move on
      • Stage 4 – “Call for Ideas” (under Themes)
        ~ Split tables up into these themes
        ~ Each table discusses a different theme
        ~ Each table suggests ideas under their theme
        ~ Note the ideas are on VocalEyes as they emerge from each table
        ~ Review and move on
      • Stage 5 – “Prioritise Themes”
        ~ Facilitate a rating process on each themes
      • Stage 6 – “Call for Views” (on Ideas)
        ~ Select highest priority theme
        ~ Ask for views (for, against, neutral) on the ideas suggested
        ~ Note views onto the VocalEyes as they are suggested
        ~ Review and move on
      • Stage 7 – “Continue the Discussion”
        ~ Visit VocalEyes at

      Getting Started
      Everything you’ve just read .. you can do .. when you’re ready feel free to visit to start the process

      More information
      If you…
      ~ Need more information
      ~ Would like to chat individually or in a conference call with your group
      ~ Would like to set a date for some training on LocalEyes or specifically VocalEyes,

      …please get in touch with Peter Anderson on 07971 219 848 or


      Progress, Recognition and Accolades
      VocalEyes was one of three nominees for the Revolutionary Award category in Gordon Brown’s 2008 Catalyst Awards for Social Innovation in the UK and within the entire competition VocalEyes was hailed as The One to Watch. In the same competition VocalEyes was one of only three projects to receive 10k funding from NESTA to help further develop our business plan with a view to attract large scale funding.

      VocalEyes is funded by The Ministry of Justice, under a project called “Building Democracy” and Somerset County Council who are piloting the tool with a view to radically improving on their “duty to involve” by initiating VocalEyes within Glastonbury, Street and Frome.

      VocalEyes is also currently being used in approximately 5 counties throughout the UK.

      Visit VocalEyes
      VocalEyes is one of various community building tools within the The Shire Initiative.