The VocalEyes process

What is VocalEyes?
Where can VocalEyes be used?
Why Might You Decide to Use VocalEyes?

What is VocalEyes?

“A process of engagement and learning that leads to empowerment and positive change”

VocalEyes is an advanced participation and engagement process for use by any group, business or community in the UK.  In any type of organisation, VocalEyes can help turn ideas into action.  The outcome is a stronger organisation which is more effective and more resilient.

The VocalEyes process is powerful and innovative, combining both online (digital) and offline (face-to-face) means.

VocalEyes invigorates the organisation, creating a culture of positivity and shared endeavour, of participative engagement and learning – thus improving motivation and communication within the organisation and also in its dealings with others.

It does this by providing an open, transparent means for promoting ‘vocalisation’ of ideas, and for deliberating, deciding, and progressing the best of these into meaningful actions which are supported across the organisation.  Ideas can be generated at any level – top-down or bottom-up – so facilitating both consultation and empowerment.

Where can VocalEyes be used?

“Anywhere a group of some kind already exists, or where it would be good to create one”

Instances where VocalEyes could readily be used include :

  • At secondary schools, colleges and universities
  • At businesses
  • In voluntary, social and community groups, or charities
  • In local government
  • In any type of start-up

Why Might You Decide to Use VocalEyes?

“If your group / organisation wishes to strengthen itself through improving:

Engagement, Learning, Participation & Motivation – Responsibility, Positivity, Creativity & Interactivity  – Deliberation, Consultation, Communication & Decision-making”

An organisation which is strong – effective and responsive while also resilient to external change – is one which has developed high levels of interconnection, which makes the best of its resources, and works well together as a cohesive body. VocalEyes comprises an online (internet) service together with offline (face-to-face) processes which embody and promote the characteristics above.

The VocalEyes process is inherently interconnective and so fosters a culture of engagement and learning, with a set of behaviours and attitudes which over time strengthen the organisation.

The implications are far-reaching, so benefits will vary from organisation to organisation and sector to sector, but include :

  • Boost Motivation & Creativity
  • Enhance & Demonstrate Performance
  • Promote Inclusivity & ‘Attendance’
  • Increase Customer/Resident Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Increase Profits
  • Identify Demand
  • Reduce Friction
  • Create & Identify Leadership Potential
  • Acquire & Create New Skills
  • Activate Website
  • Align with the Zeitgeist

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