In partnership with Swansea Environmental Forum, VocalEyes is developing a repository of environment and nature solutions to support positive local action. These tried and tested solutions will be made available inside VocalEyes groups to inspire members to suggest them into their group, discuss and prioritise them with other people, and join working groups to progress them into action.

Where similar teams emerge across the county, we aim to connect them through Zoom to facilitate coordinated collective action, with the teams inspiring, supporting and learning from each other throughout the process.

How to take environmental action: a step-by-step guide

This new online library of green solutions is brimming with expert advice, practical ideas and real-life case studies for climate action and nature recovery.


The challenges we face can feel overwhelming. We’re witnessing climate breakdown and mass extinctions worldwide. The deteriorating health of our natural home is impacting the wellbeing of people in every corner of our planet. It’s easy to feel unsure of how we can make any real difference. But the good news is that real and robust solutions exist.

So, what should we be doing?

To answer this, the team behind Swansea Environmental Forum and community enterprise VocalEyes have collaborated on a new project: ‘Nature and Climate Solutions’.

This online library provides targeted guidance to meet the needs of different audiences – individuals and households, community groups, schools, businesses, and councils. No matter who you are, you can find proven solutions and support to create real change.

Detailed, easy-to-follow guides help tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges: how to restore nature, how to reduce waste, how to combat climate change, and to eat more healthily.

Each solution comes with a list of resources and tools for extra information and support.

They’re complemented by real-life case studies showcasing inspiring people who have already taken action and created positive change within their communities.

To enable meaningful and science-based action, the solutions have been built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Welsh Well-being of Future Generations goals. This ensures that even when making personal lifestyle changes – which can at times feel insignificant in the face of global problems – we’re all working toward the same aims. Collectively, we can make an impact on a national and international scale.

We hope this new project will provide everyone with the inspiration and guidance they’ve been looking for. If you’d like to be notified on the day of the launch, please sign up to our mailing list.

Philip McDonnell, project lead and coordinator of the Swansea Environmental Forum

The online library has been project managed by VocalEyes and developed by David Thorpe and Bethan John. David is a writer and consultant on sustainability issues and One Planet Living. He has published several books on energy management, solar technology and sustainable home refurbishment. Bethan is a freelance journalist and communications professional, interested in solutions storytelling for environmental and social justice.

The team would like to thank Swansea Council and Swansea Environmental Forum for providing crucial funding for the research and development phase of this project.

Swansea  Environmental Forum
Environment and Nature Solutions Repository to Inspire Local Community Action