Llandaff City Church in Wales Primary School is an English medium, voluntary-aided primary, co-educational Church in Wales day school, serving Llandaff and many surrounding areas. This interview with teacher Mal Short highlights how VocalEyes is being unitised by pupils to bring about positive changes at the school.

What are you using VocalEyes for?

We use VocalEyes as a forum for pupils to express their views and post their ideas on matters which are important to them.  We have also found the VocalEyes platform an extremely effective way of gauging opinion, communicating news and for keeping records of School Council meetings.  VocalEyes is a very useful tool for promoting digital competency and for training older pupils in applying our acceptable use of technology policy.

How many pupils do you have engaged?

There are 240 pupils in Years 3-6 and all of them have a user name and password.  More and more are engaging with VocalEyes, and we are starting to incorporate it into our reading curriculum.

How is it benefiting the school?

There have been several projects which have happened due to VocalEyes and I have posted these on our News feed.  Most notably, the taps in some of the pupils’ toilets, which hae not worked properly for many years, are now fixed and working.

Are pupils feeling more empowered and engaged in democracy within the school?

Our pupils are becoming more engaged every day, especially as we are incorporating the use of VocalEyes into our class reading time.  As we have been communicating with local politicians, and as more of the pupils’ ideas come to fruition, they increasingly see that their voice is listened to. This can only be a positive thing.

What do the pupils say about VocalEyes?

It takes time for pupils to learn to regularly engage with VocalEyes, but all feedback we receive is good. Pupils like to see what other people think and they like to see their ideas becoming reality.

More Info

Contact Mal Short at http://www.lccw.org.uk

VocalEyes Case Study: Llandaff City Church in Wales Primary School