City Transformers - helping young people prioritise projects for action within the C40 Network

As part of the City Transformers project to engage more young people in the C40 Network of sharing ideas for sustainable cities, VocalEyes is being used by students from international schools to suggest, rate and ideas for action around SDG 11 within their schools and local urban communities.

Island of the Youth Gathering 2019 from Bente Milton on Vimeo.


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City Transformers - helping young people prioritise projects for action within the C40 Network - on Youth Island

Here is a quick update with the latest news from City Transformers:  

– A preliminary website is now up and running on

– The  team at Ubiquity University have completed production of the 4 Nano Courses we will include in the pilot project.

  1. SDG 0 – a general introduction to the SDG’s
  2. SDG 4 – Quality Education
  3. SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities
  4. SDG 13 – Climate Action

Eventually we will have 18 nano-courses in the package:  A general introduction and one for each of the SDG’s. See:

– VocalEyes has joined the project as a development partner – and a series of participatory democracy exercises have been included in the CT learning journey. See:

– Minecraft will be included as soon as partnerships and funding are in place. We hope to get Microsoft on board as a sponsor through a collaboration with Block-by-block  See:

We now have City transformer representatives in five cities: Copenhagen, London, Moscow, Beijing and Mexico City. We expect that all five cities will be represented at the Kick-off event  9-12 October.

It turned out to be too expensive to set up a Dome-tent in front of the town hall,  so we have relocated to Youth Island near Copenhagen Harbour, where we plan to be camping all week – surrounded by the Ocean and with a view to the UN-City building in Nordhavn 🙂

– A delegation of 12 City Transformers have been invited to participate in a C40 youth Summit at Copenhagen City Hall on October 10

In addition to participating in the formal part of the C40 program we will have a lot of fun and creative activities going on:

On October 9 we will decorate a Happy X-mas tree symbolising SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities. The tree will be sailed to Copenhagen and sold at an auktion. Income from the auction will be donated to a tree-plating project in Mali. See:

On October 10 – A delegation of 12 students will attend a C40 meeting at the City Hall. The rest of us will go on a field trip, visiting urban farmers and exploring regenerative living in Copenhagen.On October 11 we will work with various digital platforms to learn about “Participatory Democracy” and community engagement.

In the evening we will have the option of participating in Copenhagen Culture Night and have a look at the “bigger perspective” from the Round Tower Observatory in the heart of Copenhagen:


On October 12, our students will be hosting a dialogue meeting on Youth Island, inviting stakeholders politicians and delegates from the C40 Cities  to consider the burning question: How can we collaborate across cultures and generations to co-create the future we want? 

Throughout the week we will cook and eat sustainable food delivered by urban farmers
The official launch of the project is scheduled to take place on UN’s International Day of Peace 21st of September 2020.

We are aiming at coordinating a lot of events on that day, so we have created a preliminary website geared to map, track and connect multiple projects and events on

City Transformers - Copenhagen - Youth Island - Oct 2019

International students prioritising ideas for actions around SDG 11 as part of the City Transformers project