Another great day invigorating Pupil Voice with participatory democracy, this time at Glyncollen Primary School in Swansea..

Pupil Voice using VocalEyes

This is such an effective way of engaging pupils in the democratic process. Our School Council and Participation Groups love it and are already using the information to plan the school developments they want. They learn so much about how schools work, where the finance comes from and what others think of their ideas.

They really have to think critically about the issues which arise and are keen to further explore some of the topics they are unfamiliar with, distinguishing between fact and opinion when making choices.

Anna Bolt – Glyncollen Primary School

The student council did an amazing job and managed to get over 100 students at the school engaged today amassing an impressive 2385 interactions, 52 ideas and 350 comments..

Some students even took the initiative to engage in the big conversation around the Swansea Well-being Plan and in Morriston, their local ward.

Ideas such as Plastic Free School & More Cycle Training came out as some of the highest priorities!

Here’s a flavour of some lovely feedback from students participating..

Lucas, ‘I find its a good way to share ideas and have the entire school think about them.’

Mia, ‘I think its good because you can share what you think about the school and see if other people agree with you.’

Ethan, ‘It’s easy to vote on to see if the ideas should be happen.’

Nia, ‘I think it is good because can think about the school and how it can improve.’

Molly, ‘I think it’s good because you can put your own opinion and nobody knows it’s you so there is no arguments.’

Josh, ‘I think vocaleyes is a good way to make sure every pupil has a fair vote.’

Sophie, ‘I think Vocaleyes is an efficient way to express your opinions.’

Madie, ‘I think it is a good way to find out if people like your idea without them being biased if you are their friend.’

Rebecca, ‘Vocaleyes helps give everyone a voice and everyone deserves to be heard.’

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Student Representatives engage the rest of the school in Participatory Democracy