VocalEyes feedback

STUDENTS (Year 5 & 6 – age 9 to 11)

“I find its a good way to share ideas and have the entire school think about them.”


“I think it’s good because you can put your own opinion and nobody knows it’s you so there is no arguments.”


“I think it is a good way to find out if people like your idea without them being biased if you are their friend.”


“VocalEyes helps give everyone a voice and everyone deserves to be heard.”



“This is such an effective way of engaging pupils in the democratic process. Our School Council and Participation Groups love it and are already using the information to plan the school developments they want. They learn so much about how schools work, where the finance comes from and what others think of their ideas.

They really have to think critically about the issues which arise and are keen to further explore some of the topics they are unfamiliar with, distinguishing between fact and opinion when making choices.”

Anna Bolt – Head Teacher, Glyncollen Primary School – read more

“Being able to decide on what is important in the school, and then having VocalEyes as a platform from which to collate the opinions of all students in the school, really feels like their voices are being heard in a purposeful way.”

“I am really looking forward to developing the way that we use VocalEyes, as I can already see how it is going to support us to listen to our students and families in so many ways, for example in terms of feeding ideas into strategic school development.”

Luisa Munro-Morris – Head Teacher, Lansdowne Primary School – read more


“VocalEyes has made a huge impact on the way we represent the student voice at City of Glasgow College. We are very excited about this new digital democracy platform and have developed our partnership with students since its launch.”

“We have incorporated the platform into our Student Partnership Agreement as a way of communicating ideas and new initiatives for students studying at the College.”

Sue Wong – Student Digital Engagement, City of Glasgow College

“Seeing how VocalEyes has been so effective in engaging with our students, the College has now also rolled it out to staff for institutional planning.”

Fay Harris – Marketing & Communications Manager. Neath Port Talbot College


Feedback from students, coordinators and head teachers using VocalEyes