The Community celebrated poet Vernon Watkins loved to call home has honoured the 50th anniversary of his death with the planting of a commemorative tree.

And on Thursday his wife, Gwen Watkins, was guest of honour at the official tree planting in the grounds of Pennard Primary School. The memorial stone which will accompany it will include words chosen by Gwen, saying ‘Tree of beginning, Autumns tree Divine imaginations tree’

This is another idea that has arisen from the the Swansea Rural Community Voice project that is built around the VocalEyes platform. This provides local people with the ability to post ideas, rate and debate them, providing opportunities for people and organisations from across the community to work together to make the best ones happen.

Pennard Community Voice, Swansea on VocalEyes
Pennard Community Voice, Swansea on VocalEyes


Commemorative tree planted for celebrated Swansea poet