Blog post by Sue Lyle – Dialogue Exchange

Sue Lyle , Dialogue Exchange, CYP CycleIncreasingly in this digital age many of us find ourselves working remotely as part of an organisation that is scattered geographically. We may be members of organisations that depend on building networks of people connected by common concerns and values. In my working life I am a trainer for a national network that provides CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers. Over 60 trainers work across the UK engaging teachers, pupils and whole schools in training.

I really value my fellow trainers and look forward to national and local events where we get the chance to meet up and share our experiences and practices. I have formed close friendships over the years forged on residential courses and maintained through social media and emails. We have a Facebook page where people from the wider network post and ask questions. We celebrate our practices through blogs, newsletters, tweets and a Facebook page. I’m sure many others who enjoy the benefits of networks mirror my experience, but increasingly I realise that this is not enough.


Supporting Networks by Encouraging Member Participation