We’re very pleased to be working with our first Union Branch based in Wales. We’re excited about this opportunity to work with the members of this branch to gain a strong case study that we hope will be seen as best practice by the Unison HQ.

Our main objective for using VocalEyes is to improve the engagement with our members across the organisation. We want to give them an opportunity to be heard, rate ideas and see the positive outcomes being actioned. This will result in improving the NRW Unison Branch and the service we provide to our members.

We launched VocalEyes in December 2016, and in less than a month, the active members have already contributed 17 ideas with 281 ratings, 9 replies and 83 comments. We have learnt that members are interested in hearing about the positive changes and developments that Unison are making on their behalf.

We are looking forward to the coming months where we will continue to see an increase in member engagement to assist us in turning ideas into actions.

Lloyd Jones, Communications Officer, Unison NRW Branch

Helping to Democratise a Union Branch