Great to be in dialogue with Swansea Local Area Groups that underpin the Regional Development Process, funded by the LEADER programme.

When the VocalEyes model was introduced to the Local Action Group (LAG) it was soon clear that it could offer a unique, innovative and interactive platform for engaging communities in an open and democratic process with the potential to help create viable, vibrant and sustainable communities.

A more traditional community engagement survey could be seen as a one-off, static consultation whereas VocalEyes is a ‘live’ and ongoing process that is responsive and continually builds momentum and capacity for communities to self-organise. The platform also means that it could be rolled out across either 1 or all 8 eligible wards – it offers a great degree of flexibility that is an attractive feature, plus it is available 24/7.

The LAG also wants to ensure that young people are engaged and involved and it is felt that this IT-based interactive approach would appeal to this particular cohort. A major advantage to VocalEyes is that individuals can ‘see’ what others are thinking and join in conversations about particular ideas, and vote for them to gather consensus.

The process is visible and dynamic and could play a key part in building resilience in rural areas.

Chair, Local Action Group

Swansea Local Area Groups