Calling all carers based in PEMBROKESHIRE: Pembs CC is publicising their consultation exercise regarding the planning and delivery of carer services in Pembrokeshire. If you are caring for someone with a disability or additional needs that means you are a carer whether or not you are receiving any sort of carer allowance to undertake this role. Many carers do so around their own employment and/or education. We now have access to an independent online forum for sharing, rating and debating of our own ideas for improving the lot of us carers – I will post the link to this group below. Please register as a user and then log in and start rating and debating the ideas – and add your own. If you need help just drop me a message. This is our chance to use digital means to ‘have our say’ on the planning of services for carers for the next 5 years and involves about £0.5m of funding. Currently 90 per cent of carers are not engaging with services – and that’s something we could improve upon. Here’s the link (if you are new to VocalEyes please register, log in and then join the group to participate). Please note that unlike on Facebook your name is not published, to encourage as much participation as possible. IF you wish to participate please click the link:

How to register here:

Calling all carers based in Pembrokeshire!