Sarah Hoss
Community Engagement Specialist
Pembrokeshire College
I’m Sarah Hoss, I promote VocalEyes in colleges, universities and schools. Any registered student is able to participate. This allows you to make sure that the remote learners, the mature learners and the part time learners can all participate in decision making.
Jane Davidson
Associate PVC SuJanestainability and Engagement.
(former Welsh Minister for the Environment & Education)
So we used VocalEyes initially to run the sustainability agenda in engagement with students, and the students liked it so much that the NUS at the university decided to take it right across the university as a way for them to engage themselves.
Emma Eley
BA Illustration Student
Camarthen Campus, University of Wales, Trinity St David
The good thing about VocalEyes is that you can see what the student union are already doing things about and have my say whilst being at home and doing the things that I need to get done around university aswell.
Gwendolin Anslow
BA Performing Arts Student
School of Performing Arts, University of Wales, Trinity St David
We express our opinions on Twitter and Facebook, so why not also this way. VocalEyes is the closest idea to that and you can vote for it. So obviously like one idea has more priority over the other because students have voted that that’s more important.
Liam Callow
(BSC) Computer Games Development Student
Swansea Campus, University of Wales, Trinity St David
Being a student here for three years I’ve had very little interaction with the Student Union, comparing that to VocalEyes where it’s on a day to day basis. Now that VocalEyes has been installed I feel that the students are definitely becoming more confident in voicing out their opinions because they’re being heard.
Dan Doyle
Student Union President
Camarthen Campus, University of Wales, Trinity St David
VocalEyes has really helped change the relationship between the students, the students union and the university. It used to be that that students would come to the union, the union would be the middle man and the union would go to the university. VocalEyes has enabled us to all come together, work together and collaborate an approach to make real change for the students on our campus.
Beth Thomas
Student Union President
University of Wales Trinity St David
VocalEyes has completely changed how things are done here now. It was quite hard for student’s views to go up to a senior level of the university. When I take a report with hundreds of students saying they want this and why. They can’t argue with it and that massively helps the campaign.
Beth Thomas
Student Union President
University of Wales Trinity St David
I think it makes us a lot more powerful. I don’t whether the university would like to admit that though.
Luke Jones
Group President, Student Union
University of Wales, Trinity St David
So one of the challenges we face with a university like ours is that it’s so geographically stretched. Is that it’s very hard to capture the data that we need and have it all in one place. One of the challenges for me as group president is that it’s quite difficult to feel out what ideas are relevant across all three campuses. So this is a really useful tool for being able to dig through the core issue.
Professor Ian Wells
Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Experience
University of Wales,Trinity St David
The University needed a more effective method for engaging directly with students. But while working collaboratively with the students union. The beauty of this system is the ideas can be acted quickly and efficiently for the students, ensuring that they feel listened to.
Lisa Lucas
Business Development Officer
Swansea Campus, University of Wales, Trinity St David
We are often approached by business who want to engage with our academics and students to develop ideas for projects or products. VocalEyes offer a great tool in being able to engage a large number of those academics and students, a much more efficient use of my time and gaining more ideas.
Peter Davies
Sustainable Futures Commissioner for Wales
It’s really difficult to engage with people properly so they feel that their voice is heard. The ministers been really clear, that he wants young people to have the significant voice in this because they’re the best representatives of future generations. The whole sense of direction of where we are taking democracy in Wales is around allowing more of a voice for people, particularly in this case young people and to do that, digital democracy has to be at the centre of it.

What VocalEyes enables though is that data to be translated into a clear piece of communication that I can take on board and communicate back to policy makers. This is crowd sourcing of information and views and voices and conveying those voices back to make a difference.

We’ve had too many top-down solutions, we now need models that are bottom up and enable actual action from community level. That’s what VocalEyes can deliver.

UWTSD Case Study using VocalEyes