Renew Wales, VocalEyes Digital Democracy
The Community Coordinators for Renew Wales at their training event to use VocalEyes.

Renew Wales – an organisation funded by the Welsh Government that provides 200 local community groups across Wales to develop sustainable policies that address climate change – is also utilising VocalEyes to communicate with its team of 25 community coordinators across the country.

Renew Wales director Robert Proctor said:

“Ever since Renew Wales was first formulated, we have been seeking ways for our members to communicate and develop their ideas.  In VocalEyes, we have found a tool that may be able to support community decision making and action. VocalEyes could help groups to gauge how people feel towards certain ideas with a simple rating system, but can also learn how they might develop their projects via ideas and comments submitted from other users of VocalEyes.

“We feel that this could be useful to the Renew Wales programme and we are looking to trial it with some of our willing community groups and through the Renew Wales programme itself. We also hope to use it as a way of getting constructive feedback from those working on Renew Wales as a transparent way of helping to improve the delivery of Renew Wales as a programme”.



Renew Wales VocalEyes Collaboration