Milford Haven Secondary School, VocalEyes Digital Democracy
First VocalEyes “Digital Democracy” Day at Milford School

VocalEyes has undertaken its first pilot in a secondary school with the successful onboarding of Milford Haven School, in Pembrokeshire. During two ‘Digital Democracy Days’ the pupils were encouraged to add their ideas for improving their experience at school and to also consider how they and their communities could improve opportunities for young people outside of the school environment.

Pupils involved vocalised 66 of their own ideas with nearly 2,000 ratings and 200 comments and replies.

The school’s head teacher Mr Rod Francis said:

“Listening to our young people is vitally important to progress the school and be able to respond promptly.  We also want to encourage our young people to be polite and respectful in their dealings with each other whilst online. VocalEyes fosters a culture of respect for other people’s opinions and also assists the school’s senior leadership team to engage with our learners.

We are now considering the pupils’ ideas and will be reporting back proposed actions via VocalEyes. I’m also keen to see this system adopted in secondary schools to deliver an efficient process for capturing the learner voice and encouraging young people to participate in democratic decision-making”.


Milford Secondary School