Code Mole event with VocalEyes Digital DemocracyVocalEyes was the platform presented at the inaugural Code Mole event held in the Swansea TechHub recently – and it was also utilised for capturing feedback to show that VocalEyes can be effective in a live event or conference to enable leaders to confidently engage with their audience both face to face and in the digital space at the same time and continue the discussion afterwards.

The main focus of the event was to raise awareness of the importance of teaching computer coding to young people as a modern language and promoting the subject to students as a career prospect so students could progress to fill the millions of unfilled employment opportunities within this area.

The event keynote speaker, former teacher and coding campaigner Neil Evans who promoted the idea of getting more girls into coding in the UK.

Sarah Hoss introduced delegates to VocalEyes Digital Democracy as a tool to deliver meaningful learner engagement in schools. This was well received by the rest of the attendees.

Sarah also set up a VocalEyes group to discuss future Code Mole events and offer feedback to the conference organiser instead of the usual post-it note or feedback-form method, showing how easy it is to use VocalEyes in a live conference situation.

Code Mole Event with VocalEyes Digital DemocracyNeil Evans, Code Mole’s MD said:

”There is a real opportunity here for Wales to be in the lead among digital nations and on the right side of the digital divide. If we don’t grab this opportunity and introduce Computer Science in primary and secondary education now then there is a real danger that schoolchildren in Wales will fall into the class of ‘digital have-nots’ as opposed to ‘digital haves.”

Code Mole event with VocalEyes Digital DemocracyThe event itself was very well received and it was clear to see that VocalEyes enhanced and furthered the notions of a digital democracy.


Event: Code Mole at the TechHub