Revive & Thrive, VocalEyes Digital DemocracyLocal groups are becoming more active as communities and are looking for ways to improve their high streets. Businesses in Bid Improvement Districts (BIDs) are being set up across the UK to improve local environments and communities. VocalEyes is being introduced in a pilot to support the Lifford BID in Birmingham spearheaded by Revive & Thrive, one of our promotional agents.

“Initially we are using VocalEyes to engage with businesses at various stages of their BID journey, from initial feasibility, to development and balloting,”

said Hannah Bowden, CEO of Revive & Thrive.

We are already seeing the VocalEyes Digital Democracy tool working to give people a voice across four town centres in Lifford, Birmingham. I feel very optimistic for the real engagement and empowerment that this new partnership between our organisation and VocalEyes will unlock across UK Towns and Cities”.

VocalEyes founder, Peter Anderson said:

“VocalEyes is built to enable groups of interest or geographic communities to capture their collective voice to inform decision making, action planning and future strategies. Members suggest, rate and debate each other’s ideas so that a priority list can be identified where popular ideas areturned into action.”

“Where commitment is needed to action an idea successfully, VocalEyes Projects can be set up to crowd-source the requirements”

“We’re preparing the ground to work closely with the BID project in Swansea with interactive events using their big screen in the town center as one of our public engagement strategies.”




VocalEyes in Business with First BID