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Gwent college

VocalEyes is delighted to announce that Gwent College is now an official VocalEyes College having completed an efficient onboarding and training process. In the first month of their launch VocalEyes has racked up 42 ideas, nearly 2,000 ratings and over 100 comments from 200 students actively using the system.

Gwent College has an outstanding Learner Voice profile having won the Colleges Wales Learner Voice award for the past two years.

Jennifer Dowsell, who heads up Learner Voice at the college said:

“We feel that this system is giving learners a mechanism through which to vent their most important issues and to suggest genuine ideas for improvement at the college.

The system is the perfect platform to act alongside the learner voice mechanisms we already have in place, and it means that learners’ issues can be solution based, anonymous and can be debated in a safe and constructive environment.

It is a much simpler way for learners to offer suggestions, and for the college to get the direct feedback of their stakeholders when important decisions are being made.”


Gwent College Launches VocalEyes