Wales We Want, VocalEyes Digital Democracy

The Welsh Government is also making use of VocalEyes through the “Wales We Want’ initiative where young people are participating in making suggestions to inform government legislation. The Government’s commissioner for sustainable development Peter Davies said:


“We have been looking at ways to engage young people more effectively in this conversational Wales we want and VocalEyes has given us the best platform to access young people’s views through universities, through schools, through colleges, through relationships, through students unions.


Simply to get that voice heard in a way that is if you like an effective digital democracy. So that we can get views fed back and assimilated and conveyed much more effectively in terms of people’s priorities are. Than simply going out with traditional routes of questionnaires, surveys, meetings in colleges etc. So really it has provided us with a very important platform to take the views young people form forward”

Peter Davies, the Welsh Government’s Commissioner for Sustainable Futures.

Peter Davies, The Wales We Want. VocalEyes Digital Democracy


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