VocalEyes Digital Democracy: Elevator PitchIt is widely recognised that our urgent focus today  to achieve a  sustainable planet is how to  develop active citizenship. We all need to be empowered to be involved in decision making processes at every level in society and there needs to be a process where our collective voice is authentically translated into positive action.

Fortunately the hardware is already in place – with a global network of  communication satellites, mobile phones and access to social media. Currently there are over 6 billion mobile contracts, 1 billion people on Facebook  and 1000 satellites orbiting the planet.

The next step is to provide a transparent, accessible digital; tool. Imagine a system for authentic grassroots democracy where we engage daily, weekly and monthly in the prioritisation of ideas to form our strategies and crowd sourcing of projects to ensure collective ownership, in our geo-communities and organisations.

This is the ambition of VocalEyes Digital Democracy Ltd and we currently have proof of concept inside education, where young people are showing a willingness to engage in decision-making when provided with the tools to do so. Pembrokeshire College and University of Wales Trinity St David are the main case studies operating VocalEyes presently.

We’re now looking for any partners willing to collaborate to take this to scale,  and replicate this success nationally and internationally.

VocalEyes Elevator PItch