Development partner Pembrokeshire College officially launched VocalEyes to their 500-strong staff team (of lecturers, managers, SMT and business support staff) at this year’s Institutional Planning Day, where staff were invited to a VocalEyes event held at the Merlin Theatre chaired by the Director of Learner and Staff Services Kathryn Robson (photographed below) and presented by Sarah Hoss, who works as an ambassador for VocalEyes promoting the system in-house and externally to other organisations.

This was the first time VocalEyes had been used for mass participation and decision making. Following the presentation and a question and answer session, staff were invited to participate in crowd-sourcing college strategy by engaging with each other via VocalEyes to rate and debate their ideas from four topics – which covered how to improve the college; how to improve learner succcess; how to make the institution more efficient; and by contributing business ideas and innovations to income-generate.  In the hour and a half that staff were given to participate, they racked up over 4000 ratings as well as commenting, replying and posting new ideas.

This event proved the concept of using an engagement event to build community participation and awareness of how to use VocalEyes and also put to test, technically, the capacity of VocalEyes to withstand mass-participation in a small window of time.



VocalEyes Presentation - Institutional Planning Day @ Pembrokeshire College

Institutional Planning Day at Pembrokeshire College facilitated over 4000 Interactions in 90 minutes