VocalEyes is a generator of new co-operativesWe at VocalEyes are very interested in supporting the development of co-operatives and are considering how to incorporate co-operative principles into what we do and how we do it.

The VocalEyes process enables groups of people to turn ideas into action – for example by helping them to develop socially-useful ideas and coalesce these into the form of cooperative groups with clear intentions, then use crowd funding or other resourcing methods to bring them into action.

VocalEyes can also provide a means for sharing experience, developing best practice and for scaling up newly-successful models.
VocalEyes software is built on the same framework as Twitter (i.e. state of the art) and is already in place for use across the UK. We are now in the process of implementing our strategy to develop its use in chosen sectors and communities.

We anticipate that one key to the success of this strategy will be to establish synergy with paper based publications. The Milford Mercury, the Western Telegraph (both Newsquest publications) and The Spark (Bristol) have recently have confirmed their interest in our proposals and are ready to work with us.

The following article written by Robin Murray, published in Resurgence Magazine this month, reiterates the emerging meme that the Cooperative Movement is the zeitgeist and of the moment… Read the article

VocalEyes to Become a Generator of New Cooperatives