Pembrokeshire College have begun the process of developing VocalEyes so that certain WKS (Wider Key Skills) can be obtained by using the system.

Wider Key Skills

The majority of students at college will go for WKS qualifications. Currently they require approx 15 pages of paper base evidence which can become a chore for both student and teach er alike. Aside from this they can sometimes be somewhat “off topic” which further adds to the amount of effort required to complete them.

With theses qualifications mapped onto VocalEyes, for “Working With Others” for instance, the subject matter will the course they are on and the tasks will revolve around working with other classmates to improve the course they are on.

VocalEyes will then automatically gather the evidence required for the qualification massively reducing the time and effort required to compile this for submission.

More information on Wider Key Skills can be found here

VocalEyes currently being Mapped onto WKS Qualifications