Pembrokeshire College ran the first part of their VocalEyes pilot project in June 2011. With over 80 students participating it was obvious the system was working well and management are now preparing the ground for a full integration in the new term (Sept 2011).

VocalEyes was presented to the students as part of the existing Learner Voice initiative that is already used extensively by numerous schools and colleges throughout the country. The college are monitored each year by Estyn, the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted, regarding their student engagement and were pleased to see students easily took to interaction with VocalEyes.

Plans are now underway to create Wider Key Skills modules around VocalEyes & Learner Voice, based on engagement & participation, for students to sign up to in the new term. In this way the engagement strategy for the college will be implemented by students gaining valuable skills while at the same time contributing towards their GCSE or UCAS points.

1st Phase of College Pilot goes well..