A launch date for the VocalEyes pilot project at Pembrokeshire College have been set for end April.

Pembrokeshire College

There are numerour reasons we are excited about the potential of this pilot, some of which are:

  • VocalEyes will be promoted to all the students in the college (approx 4500)
  • VocalEyes will be embedded on the college intranet encouraging students to engage every time they log on
  • Students will be automatically logged on to VocalEyes using a single sign-on procedure
  • The “Student Parliament” that is made up of elected students from each year group will be engaged and trained as VocalEyes ambassadors for the college
  • There will be a week long launch event to educate and engage the students in the VocalEyes process
  • There will be a strong offline marketing campaign to include posters, fliers & events
  • The college aim to identify a budget that will be allocated to the best and most popular ideas identified by the VocalEyes process
  • A points system will be developed to further encourage and reward students for participation
We are very interested in Vocaleyes – as the  work environment gets busier and busier, finding opportunity to consult with staff and students becomes increasingly difficult. Vocaleye looks like the ideal product to facility and even enhance the College’s ability to effective consult with stakeholder groups.
Green Light for VocalEyes Pilot @ Pembrokeshire College