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25 April 08

Dear friends of TFN,

Imagine sitting in a room and a figure (on stilts!) dressed in a long black cloak wearing a bird’s mask comes swooping through the middle isle of the room onto the stage to introduce Rock Hard Circus who were given 6 minutes to present and thereby raise funds to be able to pilot a paid apprenticeship in circus and performing arts for 25 disengaged young people in London. If ever a project used a 6 minute slot to its maximum capacity, this project did. It definitely set the scene for the rest of the day – during the stretch break, one member came over to say what a brilliant menu there was to choose from.

The menu of causes presented at the April 19th Funding Day ran from a project based in Afghanistan that helps to reduce maternal and infant deaths in villages in Balkh Province, to a UK based project engaging, training and championing young excluded talent in the field of journalism and publishing, to a wonderful project that provides water, farmer training and health education through a small-scale eco-programme for smallholder farmers in Kenya. The most exciting was the pledging session – TFN’s trademark – where one donor started to match-fund all donations made to Bike Recycle London on the basis that the person pledging actually cycles in London.

Thank you to CAF – Charities Aid Foundation, for sponsoring the event, for making the day run so smoothly and ensuring that everyone enjoyed a sit-down buffet lunch.

And most importantly thank you to all those who kindly supported the event – we hope you enjoyed the project presentations and the opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

On the day we raised a total of £61,474.74 for the 9 projects that presented. The total amount that will be paid to each project (incl. giftaid and after we take 5% admin costs to cover our expenses) is as follows:

Rock Hard Circus:                                                         £10,876.57

Connect:                                                                      £5,719.78

HealthProm:                                                                  £8,566.42

LocalEyes:                                                                    £4,281.38

CARA – Council for Assisting Refugee Academics:        £4,851.67

Catch 22 Academy:                                                       £7,701.67

The Haller Foundation:  £7,290.93

Airport Watch:                                     £6,063.24

Bike Recycle London:                                             £6,123.07

Thanks from the project presenters:

“I have passed the great news to the team and the trustees and everyone is just thrilled. The money is fantastic, and the vote of confidence from a room full of people who are experienced in assessing social change models is the icing on the cake. Rock Hard Circus is in it’s infancy so for us and to have an early success of this magnitude is vitally energising for us all – please communicate to everyone at TFN just how much this means to us.” Alex Frith and Katherine Ford, Hard Rock Circus

“What I got from TFN was much more than a substantial sum of money, which will enable us to get started on our project in Afghanistan. I was given a great deal of support – and that is immensely valuable. Four of my grant applications for this project had been unsuccessful, although one to the European Commission scored well over the pass level. I got another failure today, but thanks to the boost I got from TFN, was far from gutted by it and could just carry on with the next application. TFN provides something pretty rare, an informal forum where donors and fundraisers meet. Both are, of course, on the same side – in principle – but in practice are often divided by a gulf. I think this coming together is so valuable that I found myself wondering if TFN could do more in that direction – but failed to come up with any idea.” Stewart Britten, HealthProm

“Even though everyone said that the ‘buzz’ happens during the pledging session – as a Presenter (since we’re not there) – I thought the whole day was filled with excitement, laughter, energy and more importantly anticipation! The beauty of what TFN does is making their members more than just givers, but become active participants & collaborators in the projects themselves – volunteering a day of their time to listen. This really comes through during the opportunity to ask questions – individually and during the presentation – they range from project specific, to suggesting and partnering up organisations with each other!” Niduk Wijayasingha-Watson, The Haller Foundation

If you didn’t have your chequebook on the evening could you please send your cheque into me as soon as possible as we try to get the money to the charities within 4 weeks of the Funding Day. Receipts for these pledges will be sent in the next month.

The Funding Network London has already started preparing for its upcoming Funding Evening on June 24th hosted by Coutts & Co. Within the next few days I’ll be sending you an email with more details about this event.

Many thanks again for making the April 19th Funding Day such an enjoyable and rewarding day for everyone involved.

With all best wishes

Sarah Kuehne


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