Cadoxton School Digital Democracy Day

tedx pupil











We have just produced the first VocalEyes report for Cadoxton Primary School today – detailing the incredible 4980 interactions that have been captured on VocalEyes since launching the group in a digital democracy event at the school yesterday – 150 ideas suggested, rated and debated by 8, 9 &10 year olds giving the school Senedd a fantastic resource to work with – and some brilliant ideas all in priority order. 800 comments and replies proving the decision-making team with insights and differences of opinion to ensure they consider everyone’s feelings. Actions will start to be recorded on Monday and any ideas needing commitment (such as a working party to help keep the playground tidy) will be progressed to a project.

Cerebra Ambassadors Join VocalEyes

Just finished a truly inspirational day training parent ambassadors for children’s charity Cerebra. Powered by VocalEyes all ideas presented, rated and debated today have progressed to project or action and new friendships forged by sharing.

cerebra ambassador

VocalEyes catches politician's eye




Marc Tierney is standing for Labour at the Welsh Assembly elections next year – so pleased to show him our system today and have him experience direct involvement in decision-making – something the Welsh Government is strongly advocating.

Dyffryn School Joins VocalEyes

Fantastic day delivering a Digital Democracy event at a Secondary school in Port Talbot (home to Michael Sheen, Anthony Hopkins and Richard Burton.)

These kids are also superstars having contributed a phenomenal 74 ideas for improving their experience of school and suggesting subjects they’d like to learn currently not included in the curriculum.

The quick-response head teacher gave an undertaking to scale the most popular idea to immediate action and a design team was recruited (via the projects function on VE, natch) to make this a reality.

Wonderful to work with such a dynamic group; Sarah our VocalEyes maestro coached the pupils through their digital democracy experience and delivered their precious data wrapped up in a red ribbon to the head teacher by the end of the day. ACTION!






Coleg Ceredigion Joins VocalEyes



Had a fantastic training event with the staff team funded by Renew Wales today – about 250 interactions, 20 ideas, a project and several actions posted along with a staff training need identified and actioned. We’ll be working with student reps in the new year.

UWTSD Staff Team Training



The UWTSD University of Wales Trinity St David Corporate Communications Team invited Sarah in to their Carmarthen campus to deliver some VocalEyes admin training today. All current ideas were progressed to action.

Coastal Housing Association Goes Digital for Tenant Engagement




Tenants attending Coastal housing’s recent Tenant Fun Day recently ‘Got Digital’ as we launched our new Tenant Voice platform. We also gave away some fun prizes for all having a go – and one lucky tenant won a new android tablet device.

VocalEyes now available for Coastal’s tenants to enable them to advocate, be active and make a difference.

“VocalEyes enables any tenant to rate, debate and contribute their own ideas using digital technology that enables all tenants to have an equal voice and will help Coastal to clearly see the priorities,” said Kirsty Walton, Coastal’s Customer Services Manager.

“We are also looking for enthusiastic tenants to join the admin team and help feedback all the ideas and then report back the actions onto VocalEyes so that everyone can see what is happening with their ideas and the proposals they’ve voted on.”

At the Fun Day many had a go using the system and 50 signed up. VocalEyes can be accessed through any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, ipad, or mobile phone as long as you are connected to the internet.

Tenants can also access VocalEyes training via Coastal’s Digital Inclusion sessions.


Picture: the VocalEyes team

23 October 2015 – Coalfields Scotland are Go!



The first VocalEyes Digital Democracy training day of the Scottish Coalfields Regeneration Trust took place on October 23rd 2015 at St Stephen’s Glasgow’s conference facility.

Representatives of several coalfields communities were successfully inducted in all things VocalEyes to enable them to collaborate together on ideas and progress the work of the CRT and to enable their communities to harness digital technology to work together on ideas and priorities.

Photographed are some members of the Scottish CRT team, ambassadors and Sarah Hoss, the VocalEyes director who came to Glasgow from west Wales to deliver the session and forge links between VocalEyes and the Trust.

Participants fed back the system would be invaluable to them to assist them with their community engagement efforts. Sarah Hoss, from VocalEyes, said:

‘It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with CRT on this – I’m so thrilled that here in Scotland it is the coalfields communities that are the first to pioneer in the use of this system to enhance decision-making and include more people in the crucial work of the Trust’.

David Wright of CRT added: ‘CRT are delighted to be able to furnish our ambassadors with such a powerful tool. It will be a tremendous asset to them in canvassing opinions and monitoring the progress of the projects taking place in their communities.’

Photo L-R: James Bruce (Lammermuir Community Transport), David Wright, Alex Downie (CRT), Sarah Hoss from VocalEyes, Clarke Steele (Watson Memorial Bowling Club), John Syme (Dumfries and Galloway Council).am.

Swansea University Project Recruitment Event



VocalEyes had a stand at the Swansea University School of Management today to pitch a community engagement project to the numerous business student teams. Well-attended, the event was designed to match up student teams with real businesses. The students will gain invaluable real life experience whilst the companies taking them on will give them a task to do and train them to do it.